Wether literary sho or stand up comedy, with or without Banda Xang,
you'll always have fun with Z do Rock, and if not - life is no picnic!

Bk Z do Rock for a sho before it is too late - who knows he kiks the bucket soon

Z do Rock was born a bludy long time ago, hichhiked thru 139 countrys and had a lot of trouble with robbers, policemen and women. In his sho he tells about absurd situations and adventures in many countrys - from Cabe Verde to North Korea, from Lesotho to Brazil, about the funny sounds of the czechs and the bshmen, about the chaos of life and the chaos of languages, about the missunderstandings that happen when people speak different languages and the missunderstandings that happen when people speak the same language. And of corse of how languages and life cd be simpler, if the uthers didnt hinder us all the time.

Press comments about Z do Rocks shs:

I admire very much Z do Rocks work. Dieter Hildebrandt

It is a unique literature sho when Z do Rock prezents his mix of dadaism, snarkiness and hmor. Gitta Dperthal, Frankfurter Rundschau

Very funy and very informativ. Oliver Hochkeppel, Sddeutsche Zeitung

"Everybody shd come, please dnt let him talking aln", his publisher asks, and sinse Z do Rocks readings become very amzing performanses, he'l sertanly wnt be aln. Sddeutsche Zeitung

The shs of this dadaistic brazilo-bavarian are a pleasurable plea against naro-mndedness and for toleranse. Martina Scherf, Sddeutsche Zeitung

His sho was hly amzing. Ijoma Mangold - Die Zeit

Wen Z do Rock starts palavering, there is a wunder inflation. Ulrich Seidler, Berliner Zeitung

The vuers were lafing convulsively. Michael Wopperer, Mnchner Merkur

We no that "German languaj dificult languaj", but fu artists can sho us that in such a hmurus and profound wa.  Petra Kaden, Mnchner Merkur

(About the Bachmannpreis Competicion) This yr the jury chf Burkhard Spinnen did evrything rt: He plased a brazilian literary bom in the midle of Klagenfurt, that surprizingly didnt dtont. Wi the grt rter Z do Rock didnt win a prz is absoltly unexplicable. Joseph Wlzholz, die Welt.

Nomen est omen, and Z do Rock realy rokd the hall. Christopher Schmidt, Sddeutsche Zeitung