Wen germans talk about sumthing that is driving them nuts, thay say ‘das is zum mäuse melken’, this is to milk mice. And thats wat i think about the meedia reporting about Brazil. Wat cums on the cuvver, the Sugar Lofe plus parrot, or rather samba scool? Of corse, in the bakground the favela, the slum. And the report shouldnt miss samba and football, and cum to think of it, samba is the music from the region of Rio and the southeest, but not menny peeple heer it in uther regions – pop, rok, sertaneja (a sort of very schmaltzy cuntry music) ar the champions. And thare ar a lot of peeple who ar real pernas-de-pau, wooden legs, who cant play football and ar not intrested. In Africa the guys kept asking me all the time if i can teech them sum football, but thay playd much better than me, so i always told them i had a nee problem that day.

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