Useless I’s ar droppd. ‚I‘ replaces ‚Y‘ wen it is not final or not followed by a vowel: Since he livd in the asilum, he had migrane and disentery all the time.  
In the Olimpic Games 2012, Canada won relativly many meddals, but was number 35 in the final table. This was so becaus the country won a single gold meddal, so they wer behind all the countries that had 2 or mor gold meddals. If the table was made by points, for instance 3 points for gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronz, Canada wouldnt be number 35 but number 19. Eeven my country, Brazil, would be 6 points better. But first they count gold. This is not rite, and so i made a table by points. The first 5 countries would be in the same position, but Japan would hav to giv its 6th place to France. The countries that would proffit the most of it would be Azerbaican (the C is pronounced as a J thare), Malaysia, Mexico and Norway. Azerbaican would be eeven 20 positions better in the table, it wouldnt be number 39 but number 19. It had one gold meddal, but 7 silver and 10 bronz meddals. The countries that would hav the most to lose would be Argentina, Tajikistan and Singapore. Argentina had 3 gold meddals, but just one silver meddal and no bronz. In a table by points it would be far behind Azerbaican.
But eeven in this case thare is injustice: the chance that you find good athletes among the 1.4 billion chinese is cleerly grater than among the 2 million lietuanians. So the “olimpic powers” ar of course countries with a large population. One could make a table ware the performance is compared with the population. I multiplied the number of points by 10 and divided it thru the population in millions. So the olimpic powers wouldnt be the champions anymor, the champion would be Grenada. The country won a single silver meddal, but it has less population than the city of Clovis in the USA or the city of Carlisle in the UK. Never herd? Thare you see how the population of Grenada is small: 103 000. So a silver meddal is not a bad performance, wen you think that Pakistan, with almost 200 million inhabbitants, didnt win a single meddal – they didnt win anything in hockey, besides cricket and squash dont exist as olimpic disciplines, and they dont know much about the rest. Grenada was also better than Austria, that had a single bronz meddal – they’r just good in winter sports, but wernt able to skee in Rio. The seccond place went to the Bahamas, that won gold once and bronz once. Not much either, but they hav fewer inhabbitants than Wichita in the USA or Bristol in the UK. Then comes Jamaica, a country with fewer than 3 million inhabbitants and 26 olimpic points. The next countries would be New Zealand and Croatia. Australia would be number 15, England number 17, Germany number 30, the USA number 37, Brazil number 64 – not especially good, but better than China, wich would be number 72. The countries with the worse proportion would be Nigeria and India. India got one silver and one bronz meddal, and has 1.3 billion peeple. But anyway they got two meddals, wile mor than 100 countries – the majority – didnt get a single meddal.
Unfortunatly eeven a classification by points isnt really fare. One country can be the best in two disciplines, for instance handball and basketball, so 2 teems with maybe 5 to 10 peeple eech fite and fite until they get to the final, they win and get 2 gold meddals. Another country has say 3 good shooters, they shoot a few times and get two meddals eech, and they hav 6 meddals. The Games could hav a sort of Grand Meddals, for a whole discipline. Disciplines would be the sports with a whole set of rules, like badminton, tennis, soccer, and then the ones u can define with a verb: moving with the bote (and that would of corse include kayaks), moving with the feet (running, walking), moving with the bike (and that would include bikes on the street, mountain bike, etc). The very specialized countries would be the losers. Brazil wouldnt be number 13 but number 9. The gratest losers would be the south koreans, who wouldnt hav been number 8 but number 12 – they won most meddals in a single sport, shooting with the bow. Wich would just be a part of the discipline ‚shooting‘. They won in taekwondo too, but that would just be a part of the discipline ‚fiting‘, and in the other fitings they didnt win anything.
I found it intresting that germans won so few meddals in the fitings one agenst one: in wrestling, boxing, judo, taekwondo they’d be number 35, wile eeven brazilians would be number 13. It seems germans ar a mor peeceful peeple than brazilians, they feer injuring someone else. And unlike the brazilians they dont boo foren athletes. In the fitings, the anglo-saxon countries wernt much better: the USA wer number 6, the UK number 10, Canada number 22 and Australia didnt win a single meddal. The italians dont like to beet other peeple either, they leev this bisness for the russians, but anyway they ar the best wen it comes to shooting. They must hav lernd it in the Cosa Nostra.
And if it is not possible to do it with the grand meddals, we could, to get mor justice in the games, hav the same quantity of subdisciplines for evry discipline, so football (soccer) would hav the same quantity of meddals as athletics or swimming. We could hav football games ware a single player plays agenst another single player, or 5 agenst 5, or eeven a game with 50 agenst 50. We could hav football with obstacles, or football ware the players ar only allowd to walk and run with one leg. And of course like in boxing we could hav teems with difrent wates: fether wates, under 60 kg, heavy wate from 100 kg, etc. And if thare is triathlon and other sport combinations nowadays, thare could be a mix of football (soccer) with other sports too, for instance with boxing. And i think some players wouldnt eeven notice the difrence to normal football.
It is hard to say if it was worth wile for Brazil to host the Games. For the state of Rio de Janeiro it was complicated, becaus they’r bankrupt at the moment. But the country Brazil is far from being bankrupt: the Games reportedly cost 4 billion dollars, the GNP is of 1.5 TRILLION, that is, the Games cost 0.2% of wat Brazil produced. Of corse thare is poverty in Brazil, but the country has proportionally 7 times less foren det than Germany, and 30 times less than the UK, and it has twice as much gold and currency reservs than Germany, and almost 3 times as much as the USA. All this is hard to imagin wen peeple abroad just see images of favelas, of slums. This reflects less the reality of the country than the lak of ideas of the meedia, who concentrate on the stereotipes.