We’r alowd to visit a book shop, and wen the whole group is inside, they lok the dors. Nobody goes out, nobody comes in. Now and then yu find a book that wasnt written by Kim Il Sung. In the follow we go walk thru a square or park with sevral fountans, OK, it’s a butiful place, but i tel Kim that we’d like to see the real life, cant we visit a supermarket or food stor ware nordekoris buy thare stuf? Kim ses thare is no time for it. Steffen decides to try a bit mor and ses that if they dont show us some things, i think the worst. Kim answers that the cuntry isnt prepared for that yet. Now the diplomats can alreddy do thare shopping in nordekoriano shops (if they realy want), but tourists cant – step by step. We ar taken to another sort of shop, we can buy scotch wisky, french wine, german chocolat. Do they realy think that thees germans travel over haf world to buy german chocolat?

I’ not alowd to meet the brazilis, we hav a program: the amusement park. Amusement is a duty! Outside millions of peeple wating to get in, but they cant becaus today is a holliday for the militia, and the park is reservd for them. Eeven we cant go in, but then they eventualy say we can. And it is a bizarr picture, all thees groups of militias marching from one attraction to the next one. Wen they’r on a roller coaster or ennything hi, they wave to us – nobody could know in that speed who’s who, and then they’r simmilar ennyway, mor simmilar than the japanis: thare ar at leest slim and fat japanis, but thare aint fat nordekoris exept of course the grate cheeftanes.

One week is quikly gon. In the trane to Beijing i talk to an elder couple who wasnt in our group. The woman ses she doesnt like all this nordkorea-bashing, after all thare ar menny cuntries doing worse, like Bangladesh. Yes, acording to my list, Nordekorea is one position over Bangladesh, middle third world, and thare ar 38 cuntries that ar poorer than Nordekorea, but 158 that ar richer. Senegal is one position over it. Dakar, the capital of Senegal, or Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, certanly dont hav the sci-fi skyline of Pyongyang, but at leest yu dont see peeple looking for eetable stuf in the lawns of the streets and parks.

At the border they deleet some pictures the austro Rainer made, showing pesants carrying baskets. After controling a dozen fotos the oficial gets tired – evry travler heer made thousands of pictures. For the seccond travlers camra he spends less than 10 secconds, and he doesnt care at all about the other 2 in the cabbin. We dont hav foto controle, we hav luggage controle, but it doesnt take long. Stil, altogether it takes 2 ours. A bit further over the river we see the majestic skyline of Dondang – never herd? No wonder, it is just a village in Chinam, with 2,5 million peeple. Oh, i know wat i’m gonna do wen i arive in Beijing, i’l eet a pizza! Oh, how i missd the Golden West!