We visit the National Circus, wich is in a UFO building. Quite impressiv. The most impressiv for me was the jump roper – how can your bak and ass jump, eeven if only a few centimeters above the ground? And then thare wer the trapeez artists hi above the ground. One artist eeven fell down: after she’s throen up almost to the roof, she comes down with the boddy and the arm turning around like a propeller and has to be caught by the bouncing guy, but it is not eesy to catch a propeller, and she went strait down. Thank God thare is a net. The austrian Rainer ses they should concentrate thare efforts on mor important areas, but i dont think peeple would be doing much better without this. Also poor peeple need panis et circenses, bred and games, or in the case of Norde Korea, rice and games.

In the eevening we go to the Arirang Festival, wich wil take place for the last time. Mor or less 100 000 vewers come, and the same quantity of performers. A few thousand sit opposit to the vewers and thare function is to hold colord sines that work as pixels of huge images or letter sines of thousands of square meeters. To keep evrything in the rithm and for the images to change as if the wind blew the images away, they step thare feet on the ground all the time, making a halucinating noise. On the lawn thousands of peeple create images that change in few secconds, an explosion of colors, forms and movement. Thees nordekoris ar real experts in sincronization. I guess the best wer the athletes that ar catapulted something like 50 meeters hi and fly ellegantly over the whole stadium to end up on the net. This was the last time the Arirang Festival was presented, i supose they wil replace it with something else that wil hav simmilar ellements, and certanly they wil hav some new ideas.

Next day we visit the house ware Kim Il Sung was born, of course a sanctuary, as so menny things heer. Then we take the subway trane, and one carrage is only for us. Sure, thare is no museum or subway station ware thare is no picture of Kim Il Sung on the walls. Then we go bak, this time we take the trane in the middle of the rout and they cant send all the koris out of a carrage, so we’r all together in a full trane. Next point in the program is the Subway Museum. A slog thru 19 rooms, ware we see the soldiers of the construction brigade, and hundreds of pictures of Kim Il Sung. He was a real jak-of-all-trades, he must hav been quite bisy, he eeven chose personaly the colors of the walls in the metro stations. Besides, he wanted the subway deep and moddern. Wel, certanly it is stil deep, in avrage 100 m below the streets, sometimes eeven mor. The deepest subway sistem of the world, wich can also be used as bunker agenst are rades. On one wall yu can see the net with the 2 reddy lines and the 3 lines that wer pland quite a wile ago. Under the station names yu see stars, the number of stars coresponds to the number of visits Kim Il Sung made to that station. The station names hav nothing to do with the area or street in wich the station is, yu simply hav to know ware the station is. The stations ar calld Torch-Lit Procession, Victory, Comrade, etc. The most fascinating was for me the spot ware Kim Il Sung was fotografd with the soldiers of the construction brigade, it is shoen in the three-dimensional moddel with a strong red lite. This must be a magic spot.

In the eevening the brazilis ar suposed to pik me up in the hotel and we want to go for a few beers, unfortunatly they cant come and they cant tel me. If i had my celfone with me, they could, but i dont. Yu can send e-males from the little post ofice in the hotel lobby: yu wate in the line, then yu fil a form, then yu write your e-male in the only outlook in the only computer (evrybody who comes later can reed it), then yu call the clerk and she sends it for yu. Sending an e-male costs 3 dollars, checking if yu got enny e-male costs only 2. Fantastic.

Kim asks us – the cuntry is calld Democratic Peeples Republic – if we want to stay in the city and keep watching monnuments or if we want to leev the city and go to the coast, but he warns us that the infrastructure thare isnt very good at the moment, the area was heavily hit by the floods. Stil the majority wants to go out and we travel on a 10-lane freeway, ware yu can see one car evry 10 minnuts – stil it is necessary, in case thare is a war and the tanks need a rode. Of course the state of the rode isnt perfect, a cuntry in such a crisis cant maintane it propperly.

In the hotel thare should be warm water between 7 and 8 PM, the bathtubs ar fild with brown water wich is the cold water, and we’r suposed to mix the hot water to it. We shouldnt let the water out becaus the plumming isnt working propperly and the bathroom would be flooded. Unfortunatly the hot water just drips, and i hav to wash myself without taking a bath. Some group participants complane about thik spiders on the ceeling, in my room thare is only a thin one, and i’m certanly not in his mennu. So it is tru that the infrastructure isnt very good, but at leest the decorativ ilumination outside works perfectly. And the personel tries to compensate the tecnical shortages with comitment and frendliness. Wen we leev the hotel, they all come out to wave us good-by. Certanly not a spontaneus reaction – not much heer happens spontaneusly – but i prefer frendliness on comand than unfrendliness on comand. By the way, in Nampo thare is a big dam to be seen.

Kim explanes the deficits and shortages of the cuntry with the international boycott, probbably he has to do it. And wel, in part he’s probbably rite, but it is certanly not the only reeson. The cuntry was hily industrialized, but of course peeple wernt doing better than in other communist cuntries. After the fall of the communist sistem, nobody wanted to buy thare stuf ennymor, and since then they’r having a hard time. They can just hav agriculture on a small strip in the south, the rest of the cuntry is too montaneus. For the harvest they use offen sickles that arnt bigger than sissors, and they hardly hav enny fule to transport the stuf to the markets. They try to attract investors into the cuntry, but they offen come and go agen, becaus of the menny burocratic hurdles, causd by the goverments paranoia. Wat Norde Korea exports most, acording to the Arno Maierbrüggers handbook, is bad money and sinthetic drugs. Plus cartoons – it seems that eeven Walt Disney cartoons wer offen produced at leest partialy in Norde Korea.